ImageI’m sitting in the surgery waiting room waiting to hear from the surgery nurse that John is out of surgery and all is well. His surgery was supposed to start at 12:30 today and they didn’t actually get started until around 4:00. The waiting has been challenging. I’ve got a great support team here with me…my mom, John’s daughter Chelsey, and his twin brother Tony. We’re all in this together and that has helped a lot. 

What I’ll remember about this day, however, is the outpouring of love and prayers we’ve received from people we don’t even know. Because of what I do, I have lots of “friends” I’ve never met and don’t really know on Facebook. They feel like they know me because of what and the way I share my life through Facebook. From the beginning, once John told me he was okay with me sharing, I’ve been open about our journey.

I am humbled and feel so blessed to be held in love, light, and prayer by so many. Literally thousands of people have been praying for us over the past month and a half and we feel it. Especially today.

Deeply and with much gratitude, we’ve felt it.