Uninvited-guestCancer comes into your life like an uninvited guest.

It takes up residence, stealing the Master Suite for it’s own, whether you like it or not.

An extremely needy and impolite guest, it invades your space, your thoughts, your time, and your daily existence.

It decides how your day goes, how your week goes, how your month goes.

It demands that you change your plans at the drop of a hat and decides whether or not you work that day.

It doesn’t care if your kids are sick, your parents need your support, or your boss or client is expecting you to finish a job by a deadline.

It’s selfish. It doesn’t care. And you can’t circle a date on the calendar, looking forward to it’s departure. It may never leave.

Worst of all, it removes your core stability, making the ground beneath your feet that was once solid and firm movable and mushy.

“Just try to get your footing,” it taunts.

Feeling a little too comfortable with your life? Settling into a new “normal?” No worries. Cancer takes care of that for you.

You better learn to dance through the chaos, because there’s gonna be chaos. In the blink of an eye, things will change again, you’ll have to adapt to a new set of challenges, your life will turn.

Surviving an uninvited guest requires a sense of humor. And diligence, as you pay attention to the rare times when the guest is out or sleeping and you can reclaim your space for a little while.

This new, constant presence that may never go away requires every coping tool you’ve ever learned.

And some days, just making it through the day as you navigate around this uninvited guest is the best you can hope for.