it-takes-a-village-influencing-the-future-of-our-teachersJohn​ny has been having flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, night sweats, occasional vomiting) since last Friday morning. He’s been getting saline infusions every day this week to try to bring his sodium levels up.This morning his fever was up to 103 when he went in & after doing blood work, they determined that his white count is up. They gave him IV antibiotics and he’ll need them daily for the next 5 days.

Unfortunately, I’m in Portland because I’m singing with the Pride of Portland chorus on Saturday. Today was pretty stressful until I called in the troops. I have some pretty amazing girlfriends. Lynnette​ stopped by tonight with enough food to feed an army (I asked for one dinner but I think there’s some Jewish mother in there somewhere. Plus, she loves John). Tomorrow Marika​ is checking on him and bringing him dinner, and Saturday night Keiri will feed him. Plus, his twin brother will be coming tomorrow to watch over him for me.

My oldest Sam Gentzler​ is driving home to Walla Walla after work tomorrow from Moscow (2 1/2 hours) and then will come to Portland to pick me up on Saturday (4 hours). I told him how grateful I was and he goes, “Hey, you’re my mom!” Love that kid.

Thanks, ladies (And Tony). Now I can relax & enjoy the next few days without worrying. Doctor says if it’s an infection, John should feel much better within 48 hours. He’s supposed to come with me next week to the convention where I’m speaking in Tulsa. I really hope he feels up to it. If he doesn’t, however, it’s sure good to know there are lots of amazing, loving supporters who are there to step up and help out.