Fort-blanketHe’s gone. He struggled for 24 hours and would not let go. He was laboring to breath all night and the hospice nurse told us to give him Morphine to slow down his breathing at about 10:15 this morning Within 10 minutes he was gone. The house feels empty but I know he is here. Thank you for all of the love and support. It meant the world to him and I know he knew it would ease my pain during this most difficult time.

Last week I told him the only good thing about the moment that he passed was that, in that moment, cancer would lose because where he was going there was nothing but love, love, love and I’m certain that there’s no beautiful afterlife for cancer. He said, very emphatically, “YES! Post that!”

There is nothing but love here now. So we win and you lose cancer. In the end, we win. ‪#‎lovetrumpscancer‬